Month: April 2022

Treat Yourself to a Personalized Bathrobe and Accessory Package!

We have your favorite bath products and accessories here for you. We’ve done our homework and we know you enjoy our products, but we also know you can’t get to a store in time to stock up before your trip and in the end you get those boring, off-brand items. So, we’re taking the easy road for you by offering a variety of different products all designed and packaged to help you treat yourself to a great trip to your favorite vacation spot.

For every 12 pack of men’s bath towels that you buy, you’ll receive a coordinating men’s lavender bath towel. Each lavender bath towel is delicately printed and then washed to create a soft and durable towel. You can choose mens silk bathrobe  from our several different sizes of lavender bath towels in our Personalized men’s bath towel and accessory package.

Along with your men’s lavender bath towel, you’ll receive a men’s lavender bath mat that is soft, absorbent and durable. These bath mats also match our men’s lavender bath towel and make a perfect travel companion. You’ll also receive one men’s lavender bath robe that’s soft and luxurious. These robes are washable, reversible, machine-washable and include an elasticized cuffs for a more comfortable fit.

mens silk bathrobe

The Personalized men’s bath towel and accessory package is available to our customers when they purchase our men’s bath towels. We recommend buying a dozen men’s bath towels and then you’ll receive twelve lavender bath towels and a men’s lavender bath mat.

Enjoy the luxury of a truly customized men’s lavender bath towel and accessory package with each bath towel and bath mat featuring a delicate lavender imprint that will remind you of your next trip.

“Bathroom Gift Basket” – The “Bathroom Gift Basket” is a combination of some of our more popular bath products and accessories.

Each bath towel is individually wrapped, so no matter what the gift-giver’s interests are she’ll love any of the mens silk bathrobe product in this gift basket. We’ve included some accessories that are not normally included in the bath towel gift sets. In fact, we’ve put some of the accessories in the gift baskets that we’d never give for a gift.

For each Bathroom Gift Basket ordered, the recipient will receive 12 lavender bath towels. Some of the sets include a set of men’s bath towels (per the package), others include a set of women’s lavender bath towels.

Focusing Tips on Keeping Outdoor Cats Cool in Summer Season

Summer is perhaps the most astonishing seasons for the pet darling as a result of the straightforward explanation that there are bunches of outside exercises that the pets can appreciate. Taking them for a morning walk and playing with them is certainly a pleasant encounter. Investing some energy with your pet can truly make them blissful and you can lay out a decent connection between both of you. However it is the amazing time for the two of them yet you want to take great consideration to shield them from various sorts of sicknesses. As the summers approach the temperature starts to rise and reaches at its most elevated point. This is the point at which the pets truly feel sweltering and bear the warm environment. Typically the pet which have toughness truly feel hot and they alarm a ton. So what you can do is to keep them inside in a cool spot where they can feel loose.

Cat House

In the event that conceivable you can get a forced air system for then which is the most ideal choice. During the summers the greater part of the four legged companion experience the ill effects of hotness stroke. So to keep them from this you can out a few wet towels on their body after ever couple of hours. This will keep them cool and they will feel good. In any case, it ought to be guaranteed that water is not a lot of cold. In the event that they need you can likewise give, ice 3D squares to give them a cool inclination. A portion of the pet sweethearts are flippant to such an extent that they leave their pets in the vehicle during this sweltering climate. The pets alarm a ton and make issues. It might even become ill as it cannot bear outrageous environment changes.

Interestingly, you pet ought to drink a ton of water so they do hot experience the ill effects of parchedness. Yet, one ought to remember that the water is spotless and unadulterated. The other difficulty that is connected with your pets in the late spring season is the Heartworms. They are the scroungers that enter the body of these creatures by a nibble of the mosquito. In the event that you plan out an excursion, ensure that you convey your pets alongside you in keeping outdoor cats cool in summer. This can truly be hazardous in the warm climate of summer. Be certain that you make the arrangements for your tamed creature at the pet hotel or you take it alongside you. This individual from your home reveres you a great deal. So be certain that you go through a few sound and blissful minutes with it.